“Investing in your Success”

The More You Know-Building on Collective Knowledge

building on collective knowledge

Running your own business can be an intimidating proposition at times, and many small business owners lack a support network to assist them. Having people with the right knowledge and insight to answer questions and provide guidance can be invaluable in any field, but especially in the green industry. That is why Spring-Green Lawn Care is so proud of the collective knowledge that all of our franchise owners bring to the table. Not only does this shared insight benefit franchise owners when an unknown lawn issue arises, but it also provides help with all aspects of running a small business, from marketing to hiring.

A storehouse of knowledge

With franchises in 24 states serving 7,500 neighborhood communities across the United States, Spring-Green has a broad base of knowledge. There are virtually no issues, questions or challenges any owner will face that haven’t been confronted by another franchise before. By sharing information, Spring-Green is able to propel each franchise owner’s success.

Jeff Rocker, co-owner of Right-of-Way-Turf-Ornamental and Spring-Green Lawn Care with Steven Downin, praised the multi-faceted aid Spring-Green has provided his franchise. “One of the biggest things you get as a franchise owner is the access to the people to answer your questions,” he said. “The synergy of Spring-Green is really powerful— the corporate side is available on a moment’s notice to answer our questions.” Rocker has also been impressed by the shared group knowledge his fellow franchise owners offer, “They aren’t competing with you, and they’re happy to share with you and help.”

Learning opportunities

The individual franchise owners provide a vast database of knowledge, which is why Spring-Green makes a point of gathering everyone involved, from the support center staff to the vendors to other franchise owners, at their biannual National Training Conference. During the event, franchise owners have a chance to learn the latest methods and ways to improve their business’s performance from their peers and a host of other experts.

Spring-Green also utilizes the latest technology in marketing and analytics to keep franchise owners at the top of their game. Spring-Green’s financial performance reporting captures and presents all the key details about your franchise that you need to make the best decisions for your business’s growth. Regional information is also tracked and can help a franchise owner’s gage their progress against their peers. It is just one of the many ways that Spring-Green strives to assist franchise owners in growing their business.

Spring-Green helps franchise owners at every stage of development of their green industry business. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com to learn how Spring-Green Lawn Care can help you succeed and achieve greater financial stability.