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How 2020 Changed The Face Of Digital Marketing

2020 changed nearly all aspects of our lives and digital marketing is no exception. Digital marketing budgets in some industries skyrocketed and in others became frozen. One thing became certain, nothing in 2020 was actually certain. With the pause placed on in-person events and in-person shopping, the appetite for digital channels was forced to fill the gaps where it could. Marketing technology and digital marketing channels in many cases became the only way for businesses to stay connected with their customers during the tough days when things were completely shut down.  

Facts & data illustrating the impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing: 

  • 97% of marketers experienced lower in-person attendance for their marketing after the onset of lockdown restrictions. Most were canceled completely.  
  • After COVID hit, optimism sank considerably from 69.9 to 50 (on a scale where 100 were the highest).  
  • By June 2020, digital marketing expenditures had gone up to 12.6%, compared to only 8.1% back in February 2011.  
  • Over 28% of businesses increased ad spend by 30% in quarter-over-quarter from the first and second quarters of 2020.  

How will 2021 digital marketing efforts look?

  • The truth began to matter more than ever. Authenticity, fact-checking, and a caring message became front and center as consumers sought out brands that supported their quest for the truth, comfort, and a reliable source of information. Digital marketing, specifically, became more and more scrutinized for accuracy during the global pandemic. Facebook began to scan content for messages that spread inaccurate or controversial information. 
  • Local and small businesses take priority. Consumers have a desire to support local businesses in their communities, and if given the choice, they are likely to look for local or small businesses to support. Connecting with consumers in your community in a post-2020 world is the task of any savvy digital marketer. Hyper-localism, as it is called, is here to stay. This provides an opportunity for small businesses to tap into this demand in their own backyards.  
  • A pivot may be required in the new normal. 2020 has brought about many shifts for businesses and how they do business. Even after things return to some semblance of normal, many of those pivots will become permanent. For example, retailers offering curbside or in-store pickup will continue to offer those services. Consumers have adapted to this hybrid version that combines e-commerce and brick and mortar shopping and is likely to demand that it continue. Other services and products developed to help support social distancing may remain in our midst long after social distancing is needed such as online events, online courses, and at-home cooking experiences.  
  • The appetite for human connection is stronger than ever. One clear lesson that 2020 and all its surrounding challenges taught us is that people crave connections with other people. The in-person business event went digital because it had to, but chances are that digital event (or some hybrid version) will be here to stay. Digital marketers and business leaders learned that they host online events and attract those who may have been able to attend in person otherwise. Watch in 2021 for more online opportunities to take advantage of events online. 

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