“Investing in your Success”

Learn more about the Spring-Green FlexStart® program

Buying a franchise can be intimidating for a lot of people, and with good reason. Taking over a franchise takes time, money, and patience, all things no person wants to lose as a result of investing in a franchise that doesn’t respect that the transition process can be a trying one.

With Spring-Green Lawn Care, franchise owners can rest confident their specific circumstances are well-appreciated.

No more is this evident throughout the franchise buying process than with Spring-Green’s Flex Start® program. For the right franchise owners, Spring-Green allows new owners to operate his or her Spring-Green franchise on a part-time basis until January 1st of the following year. Upon that date, the franchisee will need to either take on ownership of the franchise in a full-time capacity, or delegate a manager that must complete the Spring-Green training program.

For those who still hold a position elsewhere or own existing green industry businesses and want a slower ramp-up for their Spring-Green franchise, FlexStart® presents a perfect opportunity to ease the transition process into full-time ownership. Moreover, individuals who take advantage of Flex Start® do not need to make any royalty or advertising fund contributions until the earlier of (i) 12 weeks after the date you commence operations and (ii) January 1st of the year immediately following the date you commence operations. The financial flexibility helps remove  short-term financial anxieties and allow you to focus on growing your Spring-Green franchise.

How does the Spring-Green franchise work?

  • Highly flexible daily schedule with no set appointments to be on a lawn.

  • Be active and be outdoors – While as an owner you can choose the level of activity you want to participate in, you will be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

  • All your business is local.  No overnight or air travel.

  • Even as your business builds, your staffing needs will remain small allowing you to build a team environment.

  • Expanding your customer base does not require you to open a new location; simply add a truck and a Field Service Professional.

  • Customers may prepay their annual service eliminating accounts receivable and providing year round cash flow.

  • By having a recurring customer base you are building equity in your business.  This will give you great peace of mind knowing you are building an annuity for the future.

  • When the urgency of the spring season subsides, lawn applications become much more scheduled with many weeks in between.   This allows for some flexibility and freedom to get away.  Additionally, while initially the seasonality of the business may seem concerning, once you understand how the business generates year round cash flow you will be very excited to begin planning your time off.

  • The season planning cycle and high recurring customer base make this business predictable.  Using historical marketing and business information from your organization, you can very easily predict where the business will go with a pre-determined marketing input.   This same philosophy holds true with your operational planning allowing you to plan your needed staff and equipment well in advance of your busy season.