“Investing in your Success”

Find the Perfect Balance with Flex Start® Program

Becoming a franchise owner can seem like quite the risk if you’ve never been involved in one before. The transition between your current career and your future entrepreneurial dream may appear to be a far leap, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. At Spring-Green, we’ve designed the Spring-Green Flex Start® Program which offers franchise owners a greater control of their time and flexibility as they transition from their current occupation into the lawn care business ownership.Spring Green Commercial Shoot-9-M

The right candidate is able to operate their lawn care franchise in a part-time capacity until the first day of the very next year. Once January 1 rolls around, the franchisee is expected to be involved on a full-time basis or have hired a manager who has completed the Spring-Green training program.

While you operate your franchise part-time, you won’t be required to pay any royalties or advertising fees until 12 weeks after the date you commence operations or January 1 of the year immediately following the date you commence operations.

Taking the leap into the franchising world is not for the fearful, but it also isn’t as daunting as some may think with Spring-Green’s helpful program. Keeping your current employment allows you to maintain a steady income and health benefits while simultaneously working through the learning curve of opening a new business.

For many, this creates a great way to start a Spring-Green franchise. If the risk factor is what frightens you or you’ve missed our prime selling season for new customers, the Spring-Green Flex Start Program is an ideal way to get involved with a Spring-Green franchise.