“Investing in your Success”

Effective Business Planning for Seasonal Industries

business planning

For the majority of the country, the green industry is a seasonal business in which three months of the year (or more) your services aren’t required. Ideally, you want to find a way to have your business grow faster and more securely during the season, so that you have created a recurring revenue stream to lower your risk and build greater financial freedom for you and your family during the off-season.

Spring-Green Lawn Care is devoted to fostering this kind of diversified growth. That is why we offer all our owners business and marketing planning sessions during the off-season, to help them make the most of the potential market in their area.

Business and marketing planning

The planning event is divided into two days, with the first focusing on marketing. Franchise owners meet with Spring-Green’s industry leading marketing team to discuss a range of topics and how to make these marketing opportunities work for them. Topics include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, customer surveys, net promoter scores, and database maintenance and integrity.

On day two, the focus turns to business planning and deals with areas such as operations analysis, weekly performance comparison, marketing playbook review, past years’ performance, and online learning center course completion.

Marketing playbook

Spring-Green also provides franchise owners marketing and technology programs and support to use throughout the year. Sustainable recurring revenue is an important goal for franchise owners and their families. That is why we created our marketing playbook to guide franchise owners through our marketing offerings and technology platforms so each franchise owner can improve their efficiency and profitability, even during the off-season.

The playbook covers the trends and conditions that affect customers and prospects so franchise owners have a grasp of all the market drivers, as well as what marketing programs they can utilize to reach prospective customers. It explains lead generation, demonstrating processes for finding prospective customers and sharing insight into who is the ideal or perfect customer a franchise owner should be targeting.

Creating a sustainable recurring revenue stream throughout the year is something Spring-Green is committed to helping our franchise owners achieve. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com to learn how Spring-Green Lawn Care can help you grow and diversify your green industry business.