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Curb Appeal Trends for Landscaping

curb appeal

If you have ever sold or bought a home, you know how important curb appeal can be. A home’s exterior condition, including the lawn and landscape, can charm neighbors and passersby or scare them away. Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise owners know how important curb appeal is. That’s why the higher standards we created for our customers include a statement about quality—“The way you always wanted your yard to look!”

Lawn care experts

Spring-Green customers expect our lawn care professionals to be experts in their field. Part of that expertise is knowing what landscaping and lawn care trends are important in order to maximize the look and value of their home. We’re also realists and understand how difficult it is to remember the name and treatment for every single weed, grass disease and tree problem. That’s why the Spring-Green support center and Spring-Green University are there for you when you need them. The first thing you should suggest a homeowner do is a general tidying of their home’s exterior. This means weeding flowerbeds around the house, as well as picking up any fallen limbs or other debris. Adding fresh mulch or pine needles to the plant beds is another great way to perk up a yard. From weed control to individualized services, Spring-Green has the knowledge and tips to make the most of every yard.

Plant more

For homeowners that want to take it to the next level, planting new shrubs, trees and plants in the front of the property is a great investment. Spending a little money in terms of landscaping can have a big impact on the value of the home, should the homeowner ever sell.

Many of the Spring-Green franchise owners continue to operate an independent green industry service businesses alongside their Spring-Green franchise. Landscape and maintenance companies that diversify with Spring-Green are often able to cross sell, helping homeowners with the beautification process while deepening their relationship at the same time.

People really do judge your home by the exterior—if it looks like it hasn’t been cared for, they will assume the inside is the same. Keeping the lawn cared for and attractive will entice buyers and possibly even boost the value of the home.

Add variety

Not all of a home’s landscaping has to hug the house. Planting areas away from the house will enliven a yard. Mixing up the colors of plants, as well as the kinds of flowers and foliage, will give a landscape a more visually interesting appearance as well. Finally, creating focal points in a yard, via a bench or fountain or even a large container, is another way to attract the eye and make a yard distinctive.

https://youtu.be/ls28MF1vYVs “A healthy attractive landscape can increase the value of a home up to 15 percent.” Harold Enger, Spring-Green Lawn Care

Together Spring-Green’s franchise owners provide a wealth of collective knowledge, which all can share from when it comes to creating the most attractive lawns and landscapes for our customers. Take advantage of all our experience by adding a franchise to your existing business. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com to learn how.