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5 Tips to Help Convert More Customer Leads into Sales

converting leads into sales

Did you know that your customer service is key to converting more leads into sales?

Think about it: If a person who answers the phone is curt and responds to potential clients in grunts, you’ll lose out on leads. However, if your staff answers the phone with a greeting and friendly tone of voice, your chances of getting a sale increases.

Answering the phone is only the first step of excellent customer service. Whether you answer the phone while you’re out on the road or you have a team member answering, you need to know some fundamental techniques to reassure the sales prospect that you’re the right lawn care, landscape or pest control company to solve their problem.

Tips to Converting Customer Leads Into Sales

1. Customer service standards of procedure

You should have a SOP (standard operations process) for answering the phone, replying to emails, and responding to posts on social media. This process should include answers to FAQs, responding to an angry customer, scheduling appointments, and up-selling services.

2. Following through

If potential customers contact you through text, phone call or messaging on Facebook, make sure you answer promptly. Returning inquiries should be the first thing you do in the morning and done a few times during the day too. Prompt follow-through shows you’re responsible and care about your customers. In today’s world, customers aren’t opposed to calling or emailing several companies for quotes. Responding in a timely matter may make the difference in making a sale.

3. Practice active listening and ask clarifying questions

When you’re talking with your prospect—either on the phone, through email or in person—practice active listening skills. Active listening is hard work, and it takes time to perfect. You’re listening (and not thinking of a response) to what the person says or asks. Then you repeat the main point of the question or concern. If you’re not sure what they mean or what needs they have, ask them clarifying questions—especially the ones that start with “why.”

4. Explain what you recommend and why

Sometimes a prospect wants a service, like a complete lawn renovation, where core aeration and overseeding services would suffice. Use this time to educate your client. Explain what services are needed and why. You’ll then position yourself as the expert and allows you to be transparent with your customers.

5. Educate your employees on proper customer service behavior

To improve your company’s customer service, you need to educate your staff on how to reply. They need to know how to actively listen and ask the right questions to know what services to offer. Plus, they also need to understand your company’s sales process. It’s important for them to know each step so they can clearly communicate with the customer.

How Spring-Green Can Help

When you partner with Spring-Green, you’ll have a customer service program built into your business. Spring-Green provides a national call center that answers the phone, makes the sale, and schedules the customer.

You’ll also be teamed up with a business consultant who helps you map out your company, helps your set and achieve your goals, gives advice on good customer service practices, and equips you with sound marketing techniques.

Learn more about how Spring-Green can expand your lawn care, landscaping or pest control services. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com.