“Investing in your Success”

Building A Future—One Family Business At A Time

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Matt Holker, and his son, Greg, began as Spring-Green Lawn Care franchise owners in 2006. Over the past 10 years, the business has grown, taking in neighboring territories, as well as bringing Matt’s other sons, Luke and Kevin, on board. Today the family business includes three territories in Minnesota, covering Hennepin, Wright, Benton, Morrison, Sherburne and Stearns counties.


Matt wanted to expand the business to be able to include his two other sons. Luke had been helping in the off-season, doing office/phone work in the evenings, while keeping his full-time job. Kevin was serving in the Air Force in Afghanistan, maintaining C-130s, but when he returned in 2011, Matt wanted to bring him on-board also.


Each son brought unique skills and experiences to the family business and willingly wanted to be involved. That kind of buy-in is the backbone of a successful family business. Capitalizing on that motivation was important for the Holkers.


“We knew we’d need to grow quite a bit to make enough for all of us,” Matt explained. When a neighboring territory became available for sale in 2009, the family decided to make the purchase.

Matt considers Spring-Green to be a big partner in the success of the family’s business. He cited the assistance of the Support Center, particularly when it comes to marketing campaigns, as well as the annual business planning process, which he finds addresses everything from equipment and materials to HR needs.

He explained that without the assistance of Spring-Green’s Support Center, marketing would be too big of an undertaking to handle effectively on their own. “It’s almost as simple as just setting a budget and pushing a few buttons,” he said. He also appreciates the help of the call center. “When the marketing goes out, you don’t necessarily need to hire temp office staff to deal with a couple months of high volume. The call center is your temp, and they are trained better than I could train someone.”


Since Matt’s three sons have joined, the Holkers have found success with their growing Spring-Green empire. All four have an equal stake in the company, and the father and sons make every effort to make the most of each individual’s skills and talents.


With over 1,700 clients in St. Cloud and Minneapolis’ western suburbs, including Monticello, Maple Grove and Plymouth, the Holkers are ready for more success. “We started turning enough profit to satisfy us when we bought the St. Cloud territory, which was already established with a good customer base. Since then we’ve filled out our original territory and have actually surpassed the St. Cloud area,” Matt shared.

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