“Investing in your Success”

Better Understand the Competition with Collective Knowledge

collective knowledge

Two heads are better than one. The well-known adage has been around since the 16th century for good reason—the more collective knowledge someone can utilize, the more likely they are to find an answer to any question or dilemma they face. At Spring-Green Lawn Care, we know that each of our franchise owners brings their own unique skill set and mastery to the green industry. Our goal is to harness all of that combined understanding and make it available so everyone can benefit and achieve their individual goals.

Spring-Green Support Center

The role of the Spring-Green Support Center is to serve as command central for all of the business intelligence that is spread across the Spring-Green family—from the franchises to our corporate office. The focus is on the fundamentals of your operation, helping franchise owners navigate everything from marketing to customer offerings to billing.

During training, franchise owners learn about the five main priorities that shape Spring-Green’s operating system, as well as visiting two sites for a hands-on view of a successful franchise. Meanwhile, Spring-Green is always at the ready to assist with field efficiencies, marketing planning, customer service techniques or creation of an annual business plan.

To ensure that you never feel like you are in business by yourself, Spring-Green also sets each owner up with a dedicated business consultant to guide you in achieving your vision for your business. Each franchise owners possesses their own skill set, so your consultant personalizes your plan to meet your strengths and weaknesses, goals and concerns.

Peer Groups

The support that Spring-Green provides franchise owners doesn’t stop once you sign your franchise paperwork or after your first year. New or well-established franchise owners are all encouraged to utilize the support center. In addition to the support received from the corporate office, franchise owners have the backing of their peers.

The National Training Conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow franchise owners, as well as support center staff. You can learn about the latest options for lawn care from vendors and a myriad of other ways to improve your green industry business’s performance. Additionally, Spring-Green provides professional development seminars for franchise owners and field service professionals to attend and regular regional peer group meetings where you can share best practices with your fellow franchise owners.

Utilize the decades of experience that all Spring-Green franchise owners bring to the table to better understand not only your customers, but also your competition. Call 1-800-777-8608 or visit us at www.growmygreenindustrybusiness.com to learn how Spring-Green Lawn Care can help you be the best in the green industry.