“Investing in your Success”

The Benefits of Cross-Selling between Lawn Care Businesses

wade herndon

Maybe it is a downturn in the economy, labor challenges or a season of bad weather that is impacting the profitability of your green industry business. No matter what the issue, ultimately you want to achieve your financial goals. The Spring-Green business model is designed to maximize your profitability by creating a synergy between the services of your existing business and the lawn care services provided by Spring-Green. Customers will benefit from the “best of both worlds” — a dedicated locally-owned provider who brings the know-how, efficiency and support of a robust national operation.

Before he chose to become a Spring-Green lawn care franchise owner, Wade Herndon’s Evergreen Landscaping focused solely on landscaping and irrigation installation. The 2007/8 economic downturn and a dwindling demand for residential and commercial landscaping services, however, took their toll on the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based business.

Herndon was faced with trying to build his business back financially, possibly by adding a new service. Extending his business to include lawn care seemed like a viable option. That is when he started to consider buying a lawn care franchise with Spring-Green. “What was attractive about lawn care — and Spring-Green in particular — is that it’s just a better recurring service than landscaping or mowing and maintenance,” Herndon says. “It’s less labor intensive for one thing. People don’t necessarily need landscaping services done all the time, but there are always people who need their lawn fertilized or weeds treated virtually every week of the year.”

Obviously the spring season is the busiest time in the world of lawn care. But even during this period, the structure and timing of residential lawn fertilization and weed control can work to promote greater personal and financial freedom for you. Once your Spring-Green franchise is beyond the busy season, lawn applications can be scheduled for efficiency in routing, allowing greater productivity and profitability per truck. It all adds up to greater flexibility for you, the owner.

While there is the element of seasonality, Spring-Green’s business model is designed to generate year-round cash flow through both the planning cycle and a high recurring customer base. The two together help make the lawn care business predictable … and profitable.

Learn more about the benefits of cross-selling services between green industry businesses—start exploring Spring-Green franchise opportunities today.