“Investing in your Success”

6 Key Questions to Help You With Your Daily Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

As the New Year begins, resolutions are in full swing. Gyms are packed with sweaty individuals determined to get in shape for the summer. Home-cooked meals are prevalent at break rooms and dining tables across the country to help save money for family vacations. But most of all, vows of just being a better person emanate from the masses.

While the first two resolutions have straight-forward reasons and action plans, it’s not as easy to figure out how to be a better person. Being a better person is subjective, especially when everyone’s “starting point” is different. But what does “better” mean, especially at your job? Does that mean be more productive? More efficient?

Harold Enger, Spring-Green’s Director of Education and resident lawn care expert, provides a thoughtful insight into questions you should ask yourself daily at work. Questions that can help you determine your starting point, identify the areas of improvement or continued success, and the steps necessary to being a better person for your company and customers.

Ask Yourself These Questions Every Day

I have learned a lot of different things that have helped me grow and develop not only as a good employee, but, as I like to think, a good person in general. I have discussed many of these life lessons in the past. Just last month, I wrote about appreciating your customer and how we need them more than they need us. Developing a positive attitude when dealing with your customers is your number one priority.

Many years ago, I attended a manager training seminar and the facilitator of the training handed out a sheet paper with these six questions on it:

  1. Why am I on the payroll?
  2. What have I been hired to accomplish?
  3. What is my goal or objective?
  4. What results have I been hired to achieve?
  5. Is what I am doing right now contributing to the accomplishment of my most important goals and objectives?
  6. Am I delivering flawless service every time?

Wow, those are some pretty heavy questions, right? Maybe so, but thinking about the answers to these questions every day makes you think about what you are doing to help the company, your customers and yourself. I keep these questions next to my desk every day. I don’t post them on the wall because I would get used to seeing them and soon forget that they were there. Instead, I keep them next to my phone so that I have to look at them every time I answer it.

The best thing about these questions is that they keep me on task and prevent me from doing too many things that are more of a distraction than accomplishing what I need to get done. A little distraction is a good thing, but not when it keeps you from getting your work completed on a timely basis.

Can you answer all these questions? Determining the answers may require you to seek out additional information. If you are not able to answer them, discuss them with your supervisor or franchise owner. One thing that will help you answer some of them is to review your job description.

Some answers can only come from you, such as “Am I delivering flawless service every time?” You have to determine the answer to this question. As long as you are trying your best to be your best, you should be able to answer this question with a resounding, YES!

I encourage you to copy these six questions and post them someplace where you will see them every day. I know that they have helped me throughout the years and I know that they will do the same for you.

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